I have a confession to make....I love Instagram! I could spend hours and hours, scrolling, looking at all that delicious food, getting inspiration...and getting pretty hungry too.

I probably spend more time in Instagram than I'd like to admit, but it's research, right? Like going to Portland for the weekend and eating two lunches and two dinners a day while I'm there...research.  

So instead of feeling like I've wasted my time scrolling, I'm picking my favorite #jacksonscorner tags from Instagram this week!  

So next time you're in the Corner, throw us a hashtag and you'll definitely see chef @linzdmattison and @jacksonscornerbend like your photo!

1) @freshtracksshop

Jackson's Corner is the best place to do tax planning with @sageclegg. If anyone knows of a better lunch, please let me know ASAP 😉!!!! Salmon chowder, salty foccacia, warm roast beer sando with arugula, pickled onions, lemon aioli, crunchy bread and a salad of radishes, beets and candied pistachios. Oh, and a Boneyard Skunkape IRA beer and giner molasses latte. Perfection as per usual @jacksonscornerbend! #jacksonscorner #inbend #centraloregon #lunch #craftbeer #boneyardbeer #foodporn

Thrilled to be back @jacksonscornerbend at both the west & east sides! #hophead and #chingching in #22oz bottles. 🍻🍎#bendbrewingco #jacksonscorner

YAS! Where has this breakfast sandwich been all my life? Family time and breakfast FTW. 
#jacksonscorner #biscuitsandwichforlife#horchatalatteforlife

The best kind of latte is a horchata latte 😍☕️💛 #CoffeeAddict #bendoregon

Beautiful sunset at one of my usual spots ☕️🌄