Who we are

Jackson's Corner

At Jackson’s Corner we believe in local, humane, organic, etc. not to be trendy, but because we believe that is possible for a sustainable food system to exist. It is so easy these days to take advantage of the industrial farming system and reap the potential benefits for profitability. But, we believe in conscious sourcing of food. It is better for our own health and our communities. We believe that it is possible to support your local farmer within a restaurant. We love food. We love coffee. We love meeting the people who walk in our doors everyday. We are so thankful for each and every person who has helped make Jackson’s Corner possible.


Breads, Pastries, & More!

In 2014, we opened our Eastside location with a small baking & pastry nook.  We began by making brioche burger buns for our once-as-week Burger Night, but quickly expanded to making brioche loaves for our French toast, as well as pies, cookies, cakes, and other sweet treats.

Now that we started, we're hooked, and we know you will be too once you try our delicious croissants, sticky buns, and bagels! 

Fresh pasta, made in house every day!

House-made pizza dough cooked at high temperatures makes the best pizza!

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